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We are a software company that develops cloud based IT platforms employing Artificial Intelligence based chat bot technology for distribution, sale and administration of insurance and general financial services products through various messaging platforms.

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Chief Strategist & CEO

Alfred L. Kissiedu

Alfred is co-founder of Redpear. He has a decade and a half experience in the insurance and banking industries. He is the Strategist for Redpear.. 


Board Chairman

Doug Sumner

Doug has over 40 years experience in the Insurance and Banking Industries. He is well known and respected across Australia, Asia and Africa for his strategic expertise.



Samuel K. Ayim

Samuel K. Ayim is a Ghanaian Lawyer, Banker, Leadership and Personal Development Coach, and Motivational Teacher with over 25 years of professional  experience in corporate.


Marketing Lead

Lois Adusei

Lois is a co-founder of Red Pear. Lois has more than a decade experience in the media industry in Ghana and Zambia. 


Software Engineer Supervisor

Nimondo Zangui

Nimondo, a Full Stack Software Engineer who loves to build educational products. He loves to build personalized learning products.


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