We are Red Pear.


Innovate. Execute. Disrupt.

We are a group of young innovative minds that churn out and execute unique ideas. Behind the innovative minds of Redpear lies a clear, focused, common sense approach to service provision.

Redpear communications come with the unwavering backing of young professionals who keep abreast in the ever more complex and competitive entrepreneur environment.

Our team takes both a practical and realistic approach to idea creation, firmly believing that the true nature of service is ease, not complication; modernization, not rigidity.



Common sense and passion are the two most outstanding qualities that spur us on.

What influences us?

We are influenced by the fact that the customers increasingly want to do digital business and are influenced by the best in class experiences of their industries. This impacts customer behaviour and expectations.

The Team.

Douglas Sumner

Doug has over 40 years experience in the Insurance and Banking Industries. He is well known and respected across Australia, Asia and Africa for his strategic expertise and insightful leadership. Doug consults to boards and CEO’s on a range of matters, including investment policy, investment restructures, capital raising and Board governance issues as well advising organisations on matters such as product development growth/sales and marketing strategy including Brand and positioning, strategic alliances and distribution strategy. Doug also advises a number of major Not for Profits, Trusts and Foundations on their investments and various other matters around governance and strategy. Doug regularly travels to Africa to conduct programs and advise financial services organisations on a range of matters In addition to being the Chair of Redpear, Doug currently holds the following Board positions: Medisecure – Non-Executive Director Medisecure is an ‘e’ health business that has developed innovative technology linking the doctors and chemists desktops to enable the electronic transmission of prescriptions and other medicines records. Simple Retail – Non-Executive Director Simple Retail is one of the major suppliers of Pharmacy management software in Australia. Around 500 pharmacies across Australia rely on Simple for the effective and efficient management of their Pharmacy. Mercy Health Foundation – Trustee Director Mercy Health delivers health, aged care and community services for nearly half a million people each year across Victoria, southern New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Mercy Health Foundation was established in 2006 to support Mercy Health by improving care through research, training and development.

Alfred Ludwig Kissiedu
Chief Strategist

Ludwig is co-founder of Redpear. He has a decade and a half experience in the insurance and banking industries. He is the Strategist for Redpear. His first experience with insurance was at Alliance Insurance brokers now Alpha Insurance Brokers. The nature of the insurance brokerage business has given him a firm grip of the insurance industry, that is Life & Non-Life. His experience at Alliance impressed upon him the philosophy that "an insurer can no longer afford to simply insure it's customer's risk and compensate them in case of a claim but must expand its field of interaction to risk prevention‘” Ludwig worked with Ecobank Ghana Limited for almost a decade. During his period he worked in diverse roles at the branch level and departmental level. He pioneered the establishment of Bancassurance in Ecobank Ghana Limited. He transformed uniBank's Bancassurance business and led innovations that will completely change how insurance is sold and bought in Ghana through the voice signature telesales campaign project with CaseJohnson.Risk prevention has been and continues to dominate his thinking in terms of product development and probably the first to have introduced a motor insurance policy with roadside assistance on the Ghanaian market For the first time in Ghana, insurance innovation was not led by insurers, It was led by a banking official who saw great potential in that space.Alfred co-founded the Bancassurance Conference Ghana and the Pan-African Bancassurance Conference, a knowledge-sharing platform for bankers, insurers, regulators, technology companies, consultants, BPO's etc where delegates from more than twenty different countries across the world converge to share ideas on insurance and banking and how they can leverage technology to promote financial inclusion on the African continent.Alfred has shared his experiences as a speaker, panellist at conferences and seminars both at home and abroad.He comes on board with a niche for spotting business opportunities, an ideas person a natural entrepreneur who converts challenges into opportunities.Alfred's current project and passion are turning messager platforms into key distribution channels in the financial services sector.


Lois Adwoa Adusei
Marketing Lead

Lois is a co-founder of Red Pear. Lois has more than a decade of experience in the media industry in Ghana and Zambia. She has worked with some of the largest privately-owned media houses in Africa and held senior positions which gave her oversight responsibilities across the West African region. Lois has deep insight into content marketing through her extensive travels on the African continent sourcing content for media houses all over Africa. She is co-founder of the Bancassurance Conference Ghana and the Pan-African Bancassurance Conference. Lois is analytical besides leading Redpear's marketing and communications she heads Redpear's crystal ball, a research unit within the marketing & communications. She is a tough negotiator.

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