We are Red Pear

Innovate. Execute. Disrupt.

We are a software company that develops cloud based IT platforms employing Artificial Intelligence based chat bot technology for distribution, sale and administration of insurance and general financial services products through various messaging platforms.

Our Value Proposition

We provide unique products with value additions that your customers really need.

A Business-to-business-to-customer (B2B2C) Model

Redpear partners not only with financial services companies link insurance companies and banks but also school, restaurants, hospitals and other business who wish to take their customer service to another level. RedPear distributes products using Intelligent Chat Bots on WhatsApp Messenger and other messaging platforms. We focus on working with partners to deliver a seamless Messenger based customer experience cutting out all face to face transactions.

What influences us?

We are influenced by the fact that customers increasingly want to do digital business and are influenced by best in class experiences of other industries. This impacts customer behaviour and expectations

Serve Your Customers On The Go.

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